Adults Schedule


We play every Tuesday and Thursday nights at 5:30 and 7pm at Carrier Park.

OPENING DAY:  Thursday, May 30th (Memorial Day is that Monday)

FINAL GAME:  Thursday, July 25th (15 games not including Fourth of July week)

BANQUET:  Monday, July 29th

STADIUM:  Tentative Saturday – August 3rd.

1:15 pm Team X vs. Diesels

2:30 pm Engines vs. Subways

3:15 pm Team Y vs. Express

4:00 pm Locos Vs. Steamers

BANQUET AND TROPHY NIGHT – Monday, July 29th 5pm to 9pm

Spinning Wheel Restaurant


6:30 pm Engines, Express, Diesels, Steamers,

6:45 pm Team X and Team Y, Locos, Subways,