WHAT DO YOU NEED? We welcome all children with disabilities on our junior, adult and senior teams. Each child receives a jersey and a hat with his team’s colors and logo. There is plenty of equipment (bats, balls, helmets, gloves, bases, etc.) for the children to use, but players should bring their own gloves and bats if they have them.

NO FEES, JUST FUN, FUN, FUN!!! Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, there are no fees to play Challenger Baseball. All that is required is children and families to come out and enjoy America’s pastime sport with the child’s peers in a wonderful summertime setting. Please let our sponsors know how happy you are that they are a part of the Challenger family!

Junior Division

GAMES: Each Syracuse Challenger game consists of two innings. All children bat in their respective half of the inning (no score is kept nor are any strikes, walks or outs). Parents, coaches, family members, friends, all help out and are encouraged to assist the children with batting, fielding, running and throwing as necessary. The children are taught good sportsmanship and very basic fundamentals of the game. Every child hits, runs, and scores!


NALC (Red) – Coaches Kristy Rinaldo ( and Maddy Cook (
Cambareri & Cambareri LLP (Green) – Coach Sam Cicali –, Assistant Coach Rob Somers –, Assistant Coach Julie Card-Pichura –
TK Ezzo & Sons (Orange) – Coach Robert Defeo –
The Teamster Horsemen Chapter 18 Motorcycle Club (Gray) – Coaches John Cometti ( & Michelle Barry (
Blink Fitness (Dark Blue) – Coach Karie Cottrell –
Friends (Purple) – Coaches Adam Hildreth (, Kalie Shibley ( and Katie Dobs (
Gannon Pest Control (Yellow) – Coach Travis Trudell –
Erwin First United Methodist Church (Royal Blue) – Coach MaKenzie Gransbury – , Coaches Tracy and Pat Wall –, Coach Mike Robert –, Coach Tommy Hayes –
The Gem Diner (Forest Green) – Coaches Ron & Kathi Joslin –
C Michael Interiors (Light Blue) – Coach Chelsea Oot –

Adult Non-Competitive League

GAMES: We are thrilled to welcome adult players with special needs to our league. The adult non-competitive league runs with the same rules and spirit as the Junior League. The league is for players aged 15 and older.

Eye Care of CNY Diesels (Red Tie Dye) – Coach Rebecca DeJohn –, Assistant Coaches Chris DeJohn and Kevin Childress
Shampoo Your Roof by Gannon Steamers (Orange Tie Dye) – Coaches Tim and Kim Ezzo ( Assistant Coach Jim Sartori
The Spinning Wheel Engines (Blue Tie Dye) – Coaches Michele Wimmer & Kim Wimmer –, Assistant Coach Jodi Tork
Lew’s Sports Bar and Grill Express  (Bright Green Tye Dye) – Coach Kelly Modelewski –, Assistant Coach Ame LaShomb
The Tierney Family Locomotives (Purple Tie Dye) – Coach Seth Grossman –, Assistant Coaches Bob and Sue Tierney
Just 1 Bite Too Diner Subways (Navy Tie Dye) – Coach Diana Landy-Koester (, Assistant Coach Yuri Koester

Senior Competitive League

GAMES: The Senior competitive league games usually last 5 innings dependant on weather. All players must try out for the Senior league and prove they can handle line drives in the field and competition at-bat. Strikes and outs are called and players are taught to play infield and outfield positions. Volunteers and coaches are in the field to support independence. Age requirement is 15 years old but players who are so advanced that they could pose a risk to players in the Junior League will also be considered upon the agreement of coaches and managers. Players must behave with good sportsmanship and respect for other players, coaches and volunteers.


Excellus BlueCross BlueShield Mets – Coach Mark Perkins –, Assistant Coaches Stacy and Roy Johnson.
Stone Family Yankees – Coach Jill Kimball –, Assistant Coach Sean Smith